Introduction Over the past two years, through the organization of improvisation workshops in juggling and a number of juggling interventions in circus schools in Europe and Argentina (Le Lido -
Toulouse and ESAC – Brussels), I have created a group of juggling dancers and developed an improvisation technique on the edge of both of these disciplines. The Copyleft project is the result of this experience. It offers a number of possible interventions in urban spaces and architectural settings, as well as providing immediate interaction with the passer-by turned audience.

Juggling What has always interested me in juggling is neither the virtuosity nor the number of objects in the air ; I find these aspects boring. On the other hand, I’ve always been fascinated by the
body under challenge, physical tension and concentration. This project is no different from a soccer match or an acrobatic group dive. However, some elements of this juggled performance border on theater and question the urban space in which the performance occurs.

The space The re-definition of a public venue from thoroughfare to living space, along with a close-up view on risk-taking give the performance a value-added aspect, something like taking a dive
into the asphalt.

Weaving the space through dance and juggling The body is considered as a tool for speech, made of signs, limits and styles, marked by the stories that make of a person a knot of speeches. The body is at the group’s service and the group becomes this knot, a multicellular organism, capable of synaptic links, capable of spreading or shrinking, or stopping or accelerating.
The group draws curves in the space and creates pathways of varying lengths, juggled dialogs. All of the juggler/dancers are subjected to the same game rules : « full body », «open eyes », « in and out », « in curves », « silences », « shorts, middle and long travels » ; these rules/instructions are the vocabulary through which they communicate.

A new performance at every presentation The goal of this performance isn’t an appreciation of juggling but rather an appreciation for a group of jugglers’ capacity of adjusting to a given space. Once the spectator takes this aspect under consideration, his perspective changes, allowing for an appreciation of the performance’s true worth : Eight extraordinay jugglers who make of their art of the extraordinary something commonplace in a banal public space transformed into an extraordinary space by their juggling prowesses.

Street warriors This juggling improvisation project in public spaces is the multiform and limitless extension of research developed in the framework of the stage creation of Juventud. The street setting The Teshatters all the technical constraints imposed by stage work.

Direction, mise en scène et chorégraphie : Nicanor de Elia
Interprétation : Nicanor de Elia, Juan Duarte, Lucas Castelo, Nahuel Desantos, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Walid El Yafi
Music : Giovani di Domenico

Production: GARAGE29

Coproductions and residences
Halles de Schaerbeek (BE)
Theater op de Markt - Dommelhof (BE)
Liègetogether (BE) (to be confirmed) 
Maison des Jonglages (FR)
La Grainerie (FR)
Latitude 50 (BE)
Mirabilia Festival, Associazione Culturale ideAgorà (IT)
Centro Teatrale MaMimò – Festival Dinamico (IT)


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