Statement of intent
For JUVENTUD, I will use juggling as the vehicle of expression, dance to draw out the space, text to play on speech and video and lighting to round out the expression and the esthetics on stage.
JUVENTUD is a circus performance focalizing on "circus physicality", in a cohabitation of extremes and contrasts. Juggling that digs into inner impulses, with bodies in a warehouse esthetic. A raw choreography in which unrefined, unprocessed "brute" physical states are apparent.
JUVENTUD presents itself as a physical manifesto in an ultramodern society which defines limits to freedom mechanically and bureaucratically. A group of five jugglers state their refusal to be domesticated subjects of established power and use juggling tools as poetical instruments and revolutionary speech, objects that are "neutral" in themselves but manifest a desire to create through the love of danger and speed.

During my dance and juggling workshops in various circus schools, my encounters with the jugglers in this project and my personal reserach led me into this creative process.
What most impressed me in these encounters, was the strength of youth and their novel approach to the technique of juggling.

When reading the Futurist Manifesto published in the early 20th century, certain words, certain sentences resonated for me, as if echoeing my own feeling concerning the future. Constantly connected to the web, I can't help thinking we are only at the beginning of this technological "revolution", I can't help but wonder how far this "evolution" will go?
Reading this manifesto and contextualizing its content, I identified with some of the questioning and with its outlook on the industrial and technical revolution of its period. But the orientations and the themes explored in this text are vast, and I sought a "synthesis" that might serve as a vehicle for the dramatic elements in a project I could promote fully. I found this synthesis in the words "speed" and "youth".

In the Manifesto of Futurism as well as nowadays, the question of speed resonates and raises many questions: it carries so many antagonistic aspects.
On the one hand, speed can be synonymous with a lack of depth, zapping, profusion... On the other, it can be synonymous with youth, movement, life…
On one side, it is fast food and other « fast whatever », sloppy, spoiled. On the other, it offers the possibility of convergences, especially in terms of transportation and communication: it allows to bridge distances, to travel across the world; it allows for working from a distance, loving from afar…
I am convinced that future generations will say we were slowpokes with our Ferraris… once teletransportation becomes a reality.

Direction, mise en scène et chorégraphie : Nicanor de Elia
Interprétation : Juan Duarte, Lucas Castelo, Nahuel Desanto, Gonzalo Fernandez, Walid El Yafi
Dramaturgie : Olivier Hespel
Son/Ambiance sonore/Musique : Giovani di Domenico
Lumières/Vidéo : Guillaume Bautista
Production-diffusion: Estelle Saintagne/ Acolytes
Administration : Luz Fernandez / Le Chalumeau


Mars – Mons, Arts de la scène (BE)
Espace Catastrophe – Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE)

Maison des Jonglages, Scène Conventionnée La Courneuve (FR)
La Grainerie – Fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance (FR) 
Theater Op de Markt-Dommelhof (BE)
Circuscentrum (BE) 
Latitude50 (BE) 




Contact diffusion: 

Contact production and diffusion
Estelle Saintagne
La Grainerie 61, rue St Jean F-31130 Balma
T + 33 (0)5 61 24 62 45